Boogie Stomp! is a documentary film that will tell the story of boogie woogie, its origins, subsequent history and ongoing development.  Boogie Stomp! will also tell the story of the amazing Bob Seeley.  Bob Seeley spent his formative years playing with Meade Lux Lewis and other jazz greats in the 1950s and early 60s. Over the years Seeley has become known as the best boogie woogie and stride player in the world.

A few years ago Seeley met Bob Baldori at a boogie woogie festival in honor of the late Johnny Johnson, Chuck Berry's original piano player.  Baldori had been playing piano and harmonica with Berry since 1966.  In addition to fronting his own group he had spent years playing blues, boogie and backbeat rock and roll in Chicago and Detroit.

Boogie Stomp! documents how the basic elements of boogie woogie - rhythm and improvisation over a blues form - became the backbone ofAmerican music.  It is an exploration of the relationship between blues, jazz, boogie, swing, stride, rock, R & B and contemporary pop music.



Bob Seeley
Bob Baldori

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